On-Site Student Athlete Empowerment Program

Providing Student Athletes With Next Level Training & Mental Health Solutions... While Exposing The Power Of Entrepreneurship & Unique Career Paths

When athletes know how to train, they have a higher rate of success in sports... when an athlete is exposed to entrepreneurship & new career options, they have a higher rate of success in life.

Pro Workouts : Student Athletes are taught elite footwork and speed drills from one of the top athletic trainers in the business. 

It's important that athletes learn how to train the right way in order to maximize their sports talent. This will give them a step up above the competition and increase the opportunity to receive scholarships.
Live Exposure Interviews: Successful Entrepreneurs and Business owners are interviewed in person and via zoom to share their advice and to expose student athletes to their world and expertise.

Athletes are exposed to professions that they never even knew existed. This helps to spark students and expand their options of careers outside of the sport.
Student Q&A's : During our interviews with Entrepreneurs, students are encouraged to formulate questions and get them answered live on stage.

Student athletes are often very motivated to start their search for a career outside of the sport based on what they've heard during these interviews.

The Jonathan Bender Entrepreneurship  Academy

JBEA Is An Online Educational Platform That Teaches Student Athletes The Basic Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship

Students learn how to take an idea from thought to product or service as well as how to use the power of the internet for distribution.

JBEA students are taught directly from self made entrepreneurs who have built businesses from the ground up with little to no experience or capital... to demonstrate that anything can be accomplish with the right approach and mindset.

Upcoming Events

Picayune High School  11/12/22

The event will start at 10:00 am sharp on the football field until 11:30. We will then serve lunch and move into the Auditorium. The Program will wrap up at 2:00.

Bay High School  3/18/23

The program will begin in the gymnasium so come with your gear and be prepared to work. We will then serve lunch and move into the Auditorium. We have a great lineup of speakers for you guys.

Gulfport High School  4/15/23

The program will begin on the football field at 10:00 am. We're bringing the number 1 athletic trainer in Houston to this event so be ready to learn. We will serve lunch at 11:45 and start in the Auditorium at 12:30. The event will conclude at 2:00 pm.

Your Help Can Empower A Student Athlete & Uplift An Entire Community

Student Athletes Are An Inspiration To Their Communities.... Especially By The Generation That's Coming Behind Them.... They Must Be Empowered so That They Can Empower!

As an athlete that came from an underprivileged situation, I was never taught about money because we didn't have any. 

I didn't even know what an Entrepreneur was until I was 19 years old. 

I was told to just focus on basketball and that really put me behind in the actual game of life. 

If there was a program that offered the education when I was a youth, I could have made much more of an impact on my community. 

For that reason... I'm taking on the responsibility of teaching as many student athletes about financial literacy, Entrepreneurship and making healthy choices so that they can not only stand on their own and take care of themselves when the sport ends.... but do the same for the generation following them.

I ask that you join me in this effort by donating any amount that you desire to support our cause. Your support will allow us to bring our program to more schools, therefore educating more student athletes.

- Jonathan Bender
Former NBA Player & Founder of The JB Foundation
Jonathan Bender, FOUNDER & ceo
Jonathan is a former NBA 1st round draft pick that played for the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks. He's the author of The Courtside CEO, Inventor of the JBIT MedPro joint pain system and currently owns and operates JB Productions, LLC which focuses on the improvement of joint health for seniors. He has 15 years experience with non profits. 
MATTIE Johnson HOBLEY, President
Mattie Johnson Hobley has 25 years of experience in Nursing Administration. She also has 28 years of experience establishing and running non-profit organizations. Mrs. Hobley received a Bachelor Degree in Nursing From Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana; Master’s in Health Service Administration from University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois; and Masters in Nursing from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Mrs. Hobley is the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of her expertise including East Jefferson General Hospital Team Member of the Month; Louisiana Great 100 Nurse; Named to Minority Success Guide, New Orleans City Business; American Cancer Society Spirit Award; Named City Business Health Care Hero; and EJGH Auxiliary Great Lady.

Because You're More Than Just An Athlete..
You're An Innovator
You've already discovered a natural talent and sharpened it. You can do the same in other industries. 

You're A Leader
You've pushed yourself to get better, not just for yourself but for your overall team. This is what great leadership is all about!
You've Got Influence
People follow you and love to watch you play. It doesn't matter how small the audience... you have influence.

To every athlete:
Every Athlete Is Already An Entrepreneur, The Only Problem Is... They Just Don't Know It Yet!

- Jonathan Bender -


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